Our core competence and the focus of our consultancy services lies in the development and implementation of management diagnostic procedures.

We understand management diagnostics as an integral component of systematic personnel selection and development. The starting point for our approach is thus always to gain an understanding of the current and future challenges our clients are facing. We compare the role and position requirements developed from these with the candidates’ profiles, allowing us to ensure clarity for the company decision-makers about the points critical to success.

We adapt the assessment format to the respective question and target group, and develop tailored processes as required. Our assessments can be conducted in person or virtually.

Fit and potential

With a selection assessment, we support the hiring process by evaluating external or internal candidates’ fit for a specific role. We determine their strengths and limitations based on the position requirements, then provide clear feedback on each individual candidates’ suitability, also compared to each other.

With a development assessment, we ascertain the development status of internal or external candidates in addition to any development opportunities and needs. Further development measures can then be deduced and planned accordingly. We provide concrete development recommendations and also share our assessment of the potential for further career steps.

Beyond these classic assessments, management diagnostics can also support processes such as professional orientation, career path definition, and systematic succession planning. Assessments are also particularly conducive to organizational and cultural development, during far-reaching change and restructuring processes, and to support merger and acquisition activities.

Executives, experts, young talent

Our target groups range from top management through the middle and junior management levels to young talent. In addition to executives, we also work with experts and project managers. Company partners and their successors form another target group.

Individual and group assessments

During individual assessments, we combine interviews with business psychological tests. We use this format to gain greater insights into candidates’ personal biographies and their suitability for roles with high responsibility. Suitable for all management levels, especially the middle and top tiers, our individual assessments are generally carried out by two Stübig & Mischer consultants who work together according to the dual control principle.

During group assessments (assessment or development center), several assessors (external Stübig & Mischer consultants as well as in-house representatives) observe and evaluate several candidates at the same time. We use a mixture of methods, including interviews, interactive simulations, and business psychological tests. While individual assessments tend to examine aspects in greater depth, group assessments are more streamlined, employ a variety of methods, and enable multi-perspectivity and the direct comparison of several candidates. They are therefore particularly suitable for the lower management levels, junior staff, and development assessments.

We attach great importance to ensuring a requirements-oriented, realistic, and enjoyable design for our assessment procedures. All assessment formats can be implemented in person or virtually.

Information for candidates

Participating in an assessment allows you to present yourself. Be sure to act yourself and to behave as naturally as possible. You can gain valuable insights for your personal and professional development from this experience. We do not seek to provide a definitive, permanent evaluation of you with our assessment. Rather, we offer a snapshot of your current capabilities and areas of development. As transparency is very important to us, you will receive preliminary verbal feedback at the end of the assessment and learn more about our findings.

If you are invited to take part in an assessment, you will receive detailed information about it beforehand. We will also let you know if and how you need to prepare. Be sure to read all of the information we provide and to work through the tasks described there as required. Apart from this, no special preparation is necessary or useful for the assessment. That being said, it can be helpful to reflect constructively and critically on yourself, your career to date, and next possible steps in your career in advance and to discuss these with trusted people.